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“The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
                                                                              ~ Vidal Sassoon

Some say life is a cabaret

Yet, without fail, life goes on and synonymously, so must the show.

Christopher Medeiros, that’s his cue and passion is the hallmark of his work. A natural- born creator, Christopher began designing and performing in theaters throughout the U.S. at a very early age. It was here that he learned that combining his love for the two was an art form, and you must have a passion for this art if you want to succeed and be successful. It is this belief that has gotten him to where he is today.

A visionary show and event producer, Christopher delivers a versatile background that includes inventive design and floral installations, audio and video production, stage direction and tactical execution of events marketing and business development plans for top tier brands. Additionally his creative work spans an assortment of private social affairs, fundraisers, weddings and 15 years of producing live tours and imaginative events throughout the US, Europe, Australia and South America.

Christopher reigns as a respected leader with verifiable success developing dedicated, productive, and passionate teams; What is more he is a team player who enjoys creative collaboration and the opportunity it provides to both teach and learn. A true trailblazer, Christopher views every new person he meets as a teacher and believes every new day is filled with an abundance of lessons to learn. ‘Education,’ he explains, ‘should be an essential part of our lives from beginning to end.’

Well-traveled, sharp and savvy, Christopher excels in high-stress, fast-paced environments evident with the successful launch and growth of a business that achieved national recognition for ‘One of the Year’s Ten Best Parties’ as chosen by LIFE MAGAZINE. This feat earned him top placement on the preferred vendor list at Trump International as well as the exclusive outside vendor for the Ritz Carlton New York, all before his company celebrated its first year anniversary.

His contributions in entertainment include the creation and mounting of full-scale live theatrical productions, the development of emerging artists, the tour management and promotion of international recording artists and world renown DJs and consultations on the start-up and brand strategy for new, independent record labels.

Christopher believes that life is a cornucopia of unplanned events; events which require our full attention if we want to not only flourish, but merely survive from one day to the next. Producing events and creating experiences are the cornerstones of his cornucopia. It’s how he lives. It’s what he knows. It’s who he is.

So, regardless of the size, magnitude, importance or reach… no one should have to worry about another event added to their books.     That’s his job.

The Praise.

Incredible things, said by incredible people

“Christopher is capable of handling any type of event, trade show or meeting with his detailed preparation and attention to detail. He has a complete understanding of the logistics involved in putting on a successful program. Many individuals can do the organizing, or creative or the implementing of an event but Christopher can do all three and control the budget while doing so. I highly recommend Christopher to any company or agency looking for a professional, detailed and charismatic point person that makes things happen each and every time.”

Robert Mendoza

Partner/Account Executive at Premier Displays & Exhibits

"Christopher is one of the most wonderful creative people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is prompt, detail oriented and can make any event from any budget look like a million dollars.  I would not hesitate to hire him for any event I am working on. By hiring Christopher you will know that your event will be a success.”

Susan Hall

Special Events Representative, Wyndham Vacation Ownership Inc.

“Christopher and I worked together on several trade shows at Dermalogica. Simply put, if you want a GORGEOUS showcase, Christopher is your man! The Dermalogica booth was always a show stopper on his watch and working with him was an absolute pleasure. He is a resourceful and innovative leader in production, through and through!”

Arwen Lehman

Territory Manager at Transitions Optical

“Christopher is a great guy to work with and to work for. He has the ability to handle the logistics for multiple shows in multiple locations simultaneously with ease and professionalism. Chris also has a keen sense of motivating people and developing strong teams that work very well together no matter what the project might be. I enjoyed working with Christopher and I highly recommend him. Christopher would be an asset to any company looking to hire a pro.”

Peter G’

President and Co-Founder of Living Life On Fire
Business Consultant, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Visionary

“Christopher was very creative and ​brought fresh ideas to the table. His attention to detail and professionalism coupled with his creativity made Christopher a great mentor. He was generous with his employees and always the first one to give praise where praise was due. He offered criticism in a constructive way so that his employees were learning to be better at their job.”

Sloane McHenry-LaMartina

Director of Corporate Communications at Sexy Hair Concepts

“I had the pleasure of working with Chris for about three years while he was Director, Shows and Events for the Wella Corporation. Not only is he extremely creative, but also an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and operationally sound leader. There is no job too big for Chris. He approached every task as if her were spending his own money.  Always thinking through every detail and delivering an outstanding event every time. A consummate professional. I highly recommend Chris to any company requiring a strong leader, creative genius and established show and event professional. “

Patrick O'Keefe

Director Communications at Shiseido/Joico

“I had the pleasure of working with Christopher for almost two years.  He was incredible to work with and any event that Christopher was involved with was beyond amazing! His creativity and insistence with insuring that every detail was addressed was greatly appreciated and noticed. He was directly responsible for the success of our International Congress in Istanbul, Turkey attended by over 2000 of our accounts from around the world.    This event was touted as the best in our company's history.”

Pam Wood

Sales Admin Manager at Dermalogica

“Christopher worked with me as a Production Manager for David Saxe Productions/V Theater. During his time there he had an amazing impact on the appearance of our productions and events.  Christopher was highly respected by his co-workers for his willingness to help anyone anytime he could. He was instrumental in helping institute new organization procedures that helped the theater and staff.   I enjoyed working with Christopher and look forward in working with him in the future.”

Dallas Fueston

Entertainer / Entertainment Producer & Manager

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